The KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH welcomes you to our new website. We have reworked our website completely. Shortly our English-speaking website and our online portal will be also finished. Then tey have the possibility to order our products "online" above the online portal.

In some weeks the KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH opens an online store. In the store banknotes, precious metals, medals and coins are traded.

We look forward to you

Your KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH

Currently deception attempts pile up by phone and E-Mail in which third spend semselves as a a bank employee and try in criminal intention to arrange people for transference of assets or come to personal data.

It may fake email addresses are used. In case of doubt, please call the police.

Blocking emergency 116 116

In order to effectively prevent the misuse of our cards, you should lock your lost or stolen Cards immediately.

The emergency number 116 116 is the world's first centralized and unified number to be blocked cards and electronic authorisations.

The locking emergency call is round the clock toll free. To reach, in addition, also for linguistic-injured and hearing-injured people at the number 116 116 by fax.

From abroad you can reach the emergency lock with al local area code. For Germany is this usually under +49 116 116, or better accessibility for under +49 (0)30 116 116. Unforunately, the last named phone number is not toll free.