KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH

Bearer Bonds

The Issuer

Company: KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH
Business: Trading foreigin exchange, precius metals and securities
Institution: Shareholder and CEO: Jörg Klein
Application of funds: The net proceeds will be used to increase the capital of the KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH. The capital does not participate in active trading

The participation in the form of bearer bonds

Configuration: ● Bearer bonds
● Fixed interest rate
● Claim for repayment of the nominal value by a fixed term
● Payment of the dividend: 1 times per year
Minimum Subscription: 5,000.00 Euros
Price per share: 5,000.00 Euros
Issue price: 100%
Agio: no

Bearer Bonds types

Typ A Typ B Typ C Typ D
Minimum of subscription: 5,000.00 Euros 5,000.00 Euros 5,000.00 Euros 5,000.00 Euros
Dividend: 4% p.a. 5% p.a. 6% p.a. 6,5% p.a.
Running time: 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years 6 Years
Notice period: no 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Special instructions

Payment of dividends: Every year, arrears on 31 December of the following year
Repayment of equity capital: At the nominal value as of December 31 of the following year
Tradebility: Generally excluded, but gratuitous transfer possible with the consent of the Issuer
Taxiation: Dividends among the investment income
Liability of the investor: The investor’s liability is limited to the amonunt of the principal amount
Additional payment liability: There is no additional payment duty after the nominal amount