KWP-Klein Wertpapierhandel GmbH

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

As of January 2018 we are required to report not only transaction data but certain information pertaining to the client/principal to trading venues and regulatory bodies, giving them additional opportunities to monitor the market for certain abuses. If we do not have access to this information, we will not be permitted to carry out financial instrument transactions on your behalf.

For this transaction reporting, companies/legal entities are required to have an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier), a 20-character, alpha-numeric code.

Information regarding LEI application

The LEI is assigned according to international standards and only by licensed bodies. The applicant must provide information on the company (for example, company name, address, HR details and information regarding group affiliation). The employee/representative of the company must also be authorised to make the LEI application for the company.

Further Information

The distributors ensure high quality and transparency by carefully checking the reference data. As a rule, this examination involves several working days between the application and the assignment of an LEI. Given the high demand for LEIs, we recommend that you request the LEI in good time.

You will find a full list of approved LEI issuing organizations on the GLEIF website.